Vision & Mission

Year of 2013, is the end of the Long Term Plan Company (RJPP) 2009-2013. However, with attention to the demands and aspirations of business development Internal company that develops and suitability the scope of activities of the company, the Board of Directors is supported by Board of Commissioners re-arrange RJPP 2013-2017 and subsequently been approved by the Minister of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) as the Shareholders of PT Askrindo (Persero), through Decree number: S-566 /MBU/2013 on Ratification of the Long Term Plan Company (RJPP) Askrindo PT (Persero) years 20013-2017.
Thus the year 2013 was also the beginning RJPP The new company. In harmony with these efforts, The company also has made changes to its vision and mission so that the Company's business activities become more focused and directed. Vision and mission of the new company is as the following :
"Being a superior Risk Insurers company with global services to support the national economy"
  •  Doing business activities that support the underwriting risk of the national economic development, especially in the development of MSME  Government programs and other corporate business;
  •  Underwriting the risk of conducting business with a global services;
  •  Provide benefits to the stakeholders by implementing good corporate governance, Internal Control System (SPI) and Risk Management.

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