Jakarta - PT Asuransi Kredit Indonesia (Persero) or Askrindo (Persero) is ready to face the onslaught of foreign companies in developing credit insurance in Indonesia. In anticipation that done is to increase efficiency and improve the quality of the company.
President Director of Askrindo, Antonius CS Napitupulu explained, generally a global insurance company coming to Indonesia is an insurance company with a high degree of efficiency. They offer competitive prices that are ready to compete in the market.
Seeing this, Askrindo will also calculate the cost of production as accurately as possible so that it can give you a price that can compete. The impact of this is going to be war at market rates.
Therefore, according to Antonius, the company not only improve the efficiency but also improve the quality of the company. Quality improvement can be done by adding a network of agents and promoting experience already owned.
"Players credit insurance now numbering six to eight companies, and there are several other foreign companies that will come in, but we are not afraid of the potential for credit insurance in Indonesia is quite large, the penetration is currently only 2 percent of the total GDP," he said in Jakarta, Tuesday (25/11).
Antonius continued quality improvement is also done by improving the performance of the company. As a company that was established in 1971, Askrindo already doing business credit guarantee (KUR) of Rp 84 trillion for seven years.
While in terms of earnings, up to October 2014 has reached Rp 551.35 billion, an increase over October 2013 to Rp 325.37 billion. In terms of premium income has been collected Rp 1.83 trillion as of October 2014, an increase compared to October 2013 which reached Rp 1.19 trillion. Furthermore, in terms of claims, the company has paid $ 757.66 billion in October 2014, an increase compared to October 2013 amounted to Rp 436.84 billion.
According to Antonius, net income growth that occurred in Askrindo is the fruit of the hard work of employees and management in raising Askrindo than ever whack crisis in 2009 and 2010. In that period, Askrindo had suffered losses and also lost the trust of partners and debtors.
To generate Askrindo of adversity, Antonius reassure and banking partners.
"We did a roadshow to come one by one of our partners, we go straight and give confidence that our company is good," he explained,
While inside, the company doing the transformation of culture. Employees who have been just waiting for the debtor to come, but now they are required to go out and approaching customers. In addition, the company also fix the remuneration of employees, by using the key performance index (KPI).
"With confidence and belief that we made, after the crisis in 2009 and 2010, in 2011 we recorded a profit of Rp 100 billion," he said.
Author: GTR / FMB
Source: Investor Daily

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