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Surety Bond

Provide guarantees to the Work Owner (Obligee) against default arising from the non-fulfillment of obligations by the Actor for a job (construction / non-construction) within the period specified in the contract.

User (Insured)

State-owned or private company Construction and non-construction entrepreneurs participating in the package of goods and services procurement.

Benefits of Surety Bond

Benefits of Surety Bond

For the Principal

Principals can get Suretyship guarantees quickly, easily and at a relatively low cost, collateral / collateral is not the main requirement in obtaining a guarantee

Share Obligee

-Easy in the process of disbursement if the Principal Default -Suretyship / guarantee from Askrindo gives guarantees to the obligee that the projects managed / owned by the bond will be implemented and completed according to the contract agreed

Surety Bond Feature

Fitur Produk


Surety Bond Type (Construction & Non Construction)

  • Bid Guarantee
  • Appeal Rebuttal Guarantee
  • Performance Bond
  • Advances Payment Bond
  • Progress Guarantee
  • Maintenance Bond (Maintenance Bond)
  • Payment Guarantee (Payment Bond

Time period

The guarantee period is in accordance with the employment contract


Indemnity Value

The compensation calculation mechanism is a penalty system or indemnity maximum of the value of the guarantee.