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People's Business Credit Bond

Providing People’s Business Credit (KUR) Bond for working capital funding and/or
investment granted by People’s Business Credit-Distributing Financial Institutions to productive
and feasible debtors who do not have additional collateral as stipulated in the Bank’s regulation
(non-bankable). People’s Business Credit is a government program that is set out in the Law
No.20 of 2008 on Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

User (The Insured)

Banks appointed by the Goverment

Benefits of People's Business Credit Bond


Certainty payment

Providing payment assurance for the Financial Institutions that have been appointed by the
Government as the Distributor of People’s Business Credit if the debtor is default

Debtor's access

Expanding the Debtor’s access to funding sources

Risk reducted

Reducing the risks that the People’s Business Credit-Distributing Financial Institutions face
upon the credit granted to the debtors

Productive businesses development

Assisting the productive business development of the MSMEs

Product Features

Product Features


The distributed People's Business Credit Bond divided into 4 types:

  • Micro People’s Business Credit
  • Small People’s Business Credit
  • Migrant Worker Placement People’s Business Credit
  • Special People’s Business Credit

The guaranteed sectors are

  • Agricultural sector
  • Marine and fishery sector 
  • Manufacturing industry sector 
  • Trading sector
  • Services sector
  • Construction sector

Compensation value

The compensation amounts to the debit balance, with maximum value up to the credit limit

Product Bottom

Protection you can add to your business needs

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