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Encep Sudarwan


Indonesian citizen, born in Garut on December 19, 1967. He obtained his Bachelor Degree of Economic from Padjajaran University in 1991 and Master of Art from Claremont Graduate School, California, in 1998. He is currently serving as the Director of State-Owned Assets in the Directorate General of State Assets, the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia.

He was appointed as the Commissioner of PT Askrindo (Persero) based on the Decision of State-Owned Enterprises Minister No: SK-34/MBU/02/2019, dated on February 1, 2019.

M. Khoerur Roziqin


Indonesian citizen, born in Lamongan District on March 25, 1975.Domiciled in Bogor.  He obtained his Bachelor degrees from the University of Indonesia and Terbuka University. He obtains his master degree from Hanze University, Groningen, Netherlands.

He previously served as the Head of Financial, Survey, and Consultancy Services IIb, Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (2018-2019) and as the Commissioner of PT Pembangunan Perumahan (Persero) Tbk. (2014-2019). He is currently serving as the Deputy Assistant of Financial, Survey, and Consultancy Services II, the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises.

Kemal Arsjad

Independent commissioner

Heru Kreshna Reza

Independent commissioner

Renny Octavianus Rorong


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Liston Simanjuntak

Director Of Finance

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Director of Compliance, Human Resources and Risk Management

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Head Of Division

Head of IT Operation Division

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Head of IT Development Division

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Head of Subrogation Division

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Head of Business Management Division

Head of Compliance and Law Division

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Head of HR Division


Head of Risk Management Bureau

Dewi Agustina

Head of General Bureau

Bambang Sumarsono

Kepala Tim Strategic Transformation Officer

Aviantono Yudihariadi