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Good Corporate Governance (GCG)

Implementation Of GCG

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As a risk-bearing company that aims to continuously grow and develop, the implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) becomes an important element, bearing in mind the risks and challenges it faces are also increasing. The consistent and continuous implementation of GCG in the Company has also been constantly improved in the scope and depth of indicator aspects in order to strengthen the company's competitive position and accommodate aspirations to become a superior company. By maximizing the company's value in managing resources and risks more efficiently and effectively, which in turn will strengthen the trust of shareholders and stakeholders, PT Askrindo can increase its value and long-term business growth.

The consistent and continuous implementation of Good Corporate Governance St PT Askrindo (Persero) is based on the Regulation of Minister of SOEs No. PER-01/MBU/2011 concerning the Implementation  of  Good  Corporate  Governance  in  State-Owned  Enterprises  and  No.  PER-09/MBU/2012 concerning amendments to the regulation of the State Minister for State OwneEnterprises No. PER-01/MBU/2011; the Regulation of the Financial Services Authority No.2/POJK.05/2014 concerning Good Corporate Governance for Insurance Companies; and the General Guidelines for Good Corporate Governance in Indonesia by Komite Nasional Kebijakan Governance (KNKG) or National Committee on Governance. The GCG is carried out at PT Askrindo with full commitment at all levels of the organization as outlined in various provisions and requirements related to GCG implementation. This is manifested in:


  • The implementation of duties and responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners and Directors
  • The completeness and implementation of duties of the committees and work units that carry out the function of internal control
  • The implementation of compliance, internal auditor and external auditor functions.
  • The implementation of risk management, including internal control systems
  • The strategic plans
  • The transparency of financial and non-financial conditions

To optimize the implementation of GCG, PT Askrindo has carried out infrastructure strengthening, internal restructuring that leads to best practices, and adjustment and renewal of soft structures, systems and procedures needed to support effective GCG implementation.


From year to year, PT Askrindo continues to carry out and improve its strategies to better the implementation of GCG. On September 6, 2013, the Board of Directors confirmed the establishment of the GCG Implementation Evaluator Team at PT Askrindo to measure the level of compliance in implementing GCG through self-assessment, of which the results are seen in the form of GCG Implementation Quality Classification scores. To obtain more convincing results, an independent consultant was asked to conduct an assessment.



PT Askrindo believes that implementing GCG is a necessity  and, if  done consistently and continuously, the GCG implementation will be able to increase trust, which in turn will increase shareholder value in the long term without ignoring the interests of other stakeholders.

PT Askrindo has placed GCG as a system in the management of the company. This means that an  effective  GCG  implementation  has  become  a  strategic  challenge  that  must always  be improved and addressed.

The development of GCG accommodates changes that are dynamic and open to neconcepts. The credibility of the company and the trust of the public, shareholders, customers, agents, business partners and other stakeholders are crucial factors for the development, sustainability and enhancement of the companys value. The company's credibility and the trust of the parties are very closely related to the company's behavior in interacting with the stakeholders.

Awareness to work in good ethics and not ignore the rules will bring success to the company. For this reason, the Shareholders, Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors as company organs  are  always  committed  to  continue  implementing  the  GCG.  This  commitment  is manifested in every activity, by referring to the applicable rules and ethical values that are stated explicitly as a standard of behavior for all company organs in the formulation of Code of Business Ethics and Work Ethics.

In 2015, PT Askrindo conducted GCG Socialization, signed the Integrity Pact & Statement of Code of Conduct, and made adjustments to the GCG Soft Structure Guidelines by referring to the following Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 2/POJK.05/2014 concerning Good Corporate Governance for the Company Insurance:

  • Decree No. 155/KEP/DIR/VII/2015 dated 30 July 2015 concerning the Improvement of PT Askrindo (Persero) 's Code of Conduct
  • Decree No. 157/KEP/DIR/VII/2015 dated July 31, 2015 concerning  the  Improvement of PT  Askrindo  (Persero)  's  Good  Corporate  Governance Guidelines;
  • Decree No. 156/KEP/DIR/VII/2015 dated 30 July 2015 concerning the Improvement of  the   PT   Askrindo   (Persero)'s   Whistleblowing   System   Guidelines; 
  • Decree No. 235/KEP/DIR/XI/2015 dated 16 November 2015 concerning Changes to Guidelines for the Board of Commisioners and Directors of PT Askrindo (Persero)

To guarantee objective score results, the GCG assessment of PT Askrindo (Persero) was carried out by independent consultant PT Sinergi Daya Prima (SDP) using a methodology set by the Ministry of SOEs, namely Decree No. SK16/S.MBU/2012 dated June 6, 2012. The assessment results showed a parameter value of 153, a score of 91.48, and Very Good” qualification quality.





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