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Kriteria Penilaian Kinerja Unggul (KPKU) or Superior Performance Assessment Criteria are adopted and adapted from the Malcolm Balride Criteria for Performance Excellence (MBCfPE) which is generally understood as a tool used to measure overall company performance.

The main objective is to improve SOE competitiveness while increasing company’s profitability,improving the company's financial condition, etc. The SOE Ministry has determined that KPKU must be implemented by all SOEs. To meet these obligations, since 2012 PT Askrindo (Persero) has conducted performance evaluations based on the KPKU, but only limited to the first step of its application.

Furthermore, in 2016 the Board of Directors renewed the arrangement of KPKU Drafting Team and Evaluation Team through Directors Decree No. 194/KEP/DIR/VIII/2016 dated August 12, 2016. The teams’ tasks include designing/building a system of core competencies, evaluating system improvement and work methods, and evaluating the KPKU report.

The results of PT Askrindo (Persero)’s 2016 KPKU implementation assessment conducted by an independent consultant are as follows: