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Customs Bond

Providing insurance to the Directorate General of Customs and Excise for the risk of default by the exporter/importer upon the customs facility, hold/release of imported goods and other State excises.

User (Insured)

Export and Import Companies

Benefits of Customs Bond


Economy Improvement

Helping the improvement of economic cycle upon incoming/outgoing goods from/to Indonesian’s customs territory


Obtaining insurance that the exporter/importer will re-export products of which the raw materials have been facilitated by the customs

Exporter / Importer obligation

Exporter/importer is able to finish its obligation as required by the Directorate General of Customs and Excise

Customs Bond Feature

Product Feature


Types of Customs Bond

  • Temporary Import (OB 23)
  • The hold of incoming goods payment (vooruitslag)
  • Enterport production for export purpose and bonded zone. (EPTE/KABER)
  • Reimport (BC 1.2)
  • Correction of Imported Goods Notice (NOTUL / SPKPBM)
  • Customs clearance service company
  • Import Facilities for Export (KITE/Ex-Bintex) 
  • Excise Band 


Bond term is in compliance with Finance Minister decisions


Calculated compensation

Damage compensation is calculated based on the bond’s value

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Protection you can add to your business needs

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