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Custom Bond

Provide guarantees to the Directorate General (DG) of Customs and Excise for the risk of not being settled obligations by the Exporter / Importer of customs facilities, the suspension / exemption facilities of import duty of other goods and other state levies

User (Insured)

Companies engaged in the field of Export and Import

Benefits of Custom Bond

Benefits of Custom Bond

Help improve the economy

Helps increase the economic cycle of goods in and out of goods from / to Indonesia's customs areas

Get a guarantee

Exporters / Importers will re-export products that procure raw materials that have received customs facilities

Exporter / Importer

Exporters / Importers can carry out or complete the obligations required by the Director General of Customs and Excise

Custom Bond Feature

Fitur Produk


Custom Bond Type

  1. Temporary imports (OB 23)
  2. Deferred payment of customs duties (vooruitslag)
  3. Production port for export and bonded zones (EPTE / KABER)
  4. Reimport (BC 1.2)
  5. PIB correction note (NOTUL / SPKPBM)
  6. Customs services company (PPJK)
  7. KITE / EX-Bintex
  8. Periodic Excise (Excise Band)

Time period

The guarantee period is in accordance with SKEP (Decree of the Minister of Finance)


Indemnity Value

Compensation calculation for the value of collateral