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Bank Counter Guarantee

Providing insurance in form of counter guarantee upon guarantee Bank facility that is issued by the Bank for Principal when Principal suffers from default in the project’s execution.

User (Insured)

Bank that issues Bank Guarantee

Benefits of Counter Bank Guarantees


For Principal

  • Providing Principal the ease to obtain Bank Guarantee. 
  • Helping Principal in managing the company’s cash flow.

For Bank

  • Obtaining bond in issuing the Bank Guarantee without requiring cash collateral
  • Obtaining Fee Based Income
  • Helping bank to get customers

For Obligee

Easy disbursement process if Principal is default

Counter Bank Guarantee Features

Product Feature


Types of Bank Guarantee

  • Bid Bond
  • Objection Appeal Bond
  • Performance Bond
  • Advance Payment Bond
  • Maintenance Bond
  • Payment Bond
  • Progress Bond
  • Fund Disbursement Order

Bond's Term

Bond's term in accordance with the work contract



Compensations are compensated to the bank

Product Bottom

Protection you can add to your business needs

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