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Multifunctional Loan Insurance

Providing loan coverage for individual/micro entrepreneur/small entrepreneur/retail to get loan from bank/non-bank financial institution/non-financial institution, which do not meet bank’s technical requirements (non-bankable) yet feasible for loan.

User (The Insured)

  • Banking Institution: Goverment Bank, Government Bank, National Private Bank, Rural Bank, Regional Bank, Sharia Bank

  • Non-Banking Institution: multi finance, Pegadaian, cooperative and PNM

Benefit Multifunctional Loan Insurance



Providing payment assurance for bank/non-bank financial institution/non-financial institution in case a Debtor is in default due to:

  • The Debtor dies; or
  • The Debtor suffers from Employment Termination; or
  • Debtor fails to comply with the Loan Agreement’s obligation without knowing the cause which troubles the Loan Facility. 

Funding Access

Increasing Debtor’s access to funding sources

Decreasing Risk

Decreasing the Insured’s risk upon the loan grant to the Debtor

Feature Multifunctional Loan Insurance

Product Feature


Insurable Loan types

  • Consumptive Loan
  • Productive Loan 
  • Working Captial Loan
  • Investment Loan
  • Mortgage Loan

Maximum coverage

Maximum coverage term is in accordance with the tenor


Time period

Damage value amounts to the maximal debit balance of loan ceiling

Product Bottom

Protection you can add to your business needs

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