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Product info Multipurpose Credit Insurance

Multipurpose Credit Insurance

Provide credit coverage for individuals / micro / small / retail entrepreneurs in an effort to obtain credit from Banks / LKBB / Non-Financial Institutions, which do not meet the Bank's technical requirements (non-Bankable) but are feasible to be financed.

User (Insured)

Banking namely: Government Bank, National Private Bank, BPR, BPD, Sharia Bank
Non-banking institutions: such as, multi-finance, pawnshops, cooperatives and PNM

Benefits of Multipurpose Credit Insurance

Benefits of Multipurpose Credit Insurance

Provide certainty

Provide certainty of payment for Banking / LKBB / Non-Financial Institutions if the Debtor fails to pay due to: 1. Debit died; or 2. Debtor Affected by Termination of Employment (FLE); or The debtor does not carry out obligations according to the Credit Agreement without regard to any cause, causing the Credit facility to become problematic.

Access to Financing

Increasing Debtor access to sources of financing

Reducing Risk

Reducing the risks faced by the Insured for granting credit to Debtors

New Multipurpose Insurance Product Features

Fitur Produk


Type of Credit covered

Types of Credit that can be insured:

  • Consumptive Credit
  • Earning Credit
  • Working capital credit
  • Investment Credit
  • Mortgage Credit

Indemnity Value new

The compensation value is in accordance with the maximum debit balance of the credit ceiling


Time period

The maximum coverage period is in accordance with the credit period