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Personal Accident Insurance

Providing protection upon the risk of death, permanent disability, hospitalization/medication cost that is directly caused by an accident.

User (The Insured)

Individual of 17-60 years old, as individual or group

Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance



Providing compensation for the Insured/beneficiary if the Insured suffers from an accident which causes:

  • Death
  • Total permanent or half disability
  • Hospitalization and/or medication cost

Cost Reimbursement

Providing accident compensation for costs that are expensed with premium additions such as: 

  • Repatriation cost reimbursement
  • Funeral cost reimbursement
  • Ambulance cost reimbursement
  • Document administration cost reimbursement

Personal Accident Insurance Product Feature

Product Feature


24/7 Protection

This product provides you with 24/7 protection, 365 days a year, anywhere around the world


100% Compensation

The compensation given amounts to the benefits written in the policy, with maximum amount of 100% of the coverage value


Reimbursement system

The cost compensation system for hospitalization/medication is reimbursement


Doctor or Hospital

The Insured is free to choose any desired Doctor or Hospital

Individual Product List

Choose Askrindo Insurance Products According to Your Individual Needs

Personal Accident Insurance

  • An accident is an incident or event that contains an element of violence, both physical and chemical in nature, which comes suddenly, including an accident that is caused by poisoning food, steam and gas, falling into water or sinking

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