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Fire insurance

Providing protection on damages on building or property that is caused by fire, lightning, explosion, impact of aircraft, or smoke.

User (The Insured)

  • Individual or company owning building of residence, office, shop, hospital, hotel, factory, warehouse, and other buildings
  • Bank which lends the loan for house ownership 

Fire Insurance Benefits


Compensation due to FLEXAS

Provide compensation for damage to part or all of the building and property due to FLEXAS (Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Plane and Smoke)

Expansion Benefit

Providing compensation for half or total damage of building and property with premium addition due to:

  • Hurricane, Storm, Flood and Water Damage.
  • Landslide
  • Riot, Strike, and Evil Deeds.
  • Burglary
  • Earthquake, Volcano Eruption and Tsunami
  • Vehicle Impact

Fire Insurance Product Features

Product Feature



The term of this insurance is one year


Insurable Properties

The insurable properties are building, machine, stock, furniture, and other contents


Compensation is given by calculating the real value of the loss right before the incident occurred

Individual Product List

Choose Askrindo Insurance Products According to Your Individual Needs

Personal Accident Insurance

  • An accident is an incident or event that contains an element of violence, both physical and chemical in nature, which comes suddenly, including an accident that is caused by poisoning food, steam and gas, falling into water or sinking

Fire insurance

  • Provides protection for damage to buildings or property caused by fire, lightning, explosion, airplane crashing and smoke damage.

Construction Insurance

  • Provides protection for damage or loss to the project construction work construction or installation installation during the work period.

Liability Insurance

  • Providing protection to the insured due to his mistake or negligence which can be legally prosecuted because it results in loss and or damage to third parties.

Goods Transportation Insurance

  • Provides protection for damage or loss of objects or interests that can be insured while in transportation from one place to another by land, sea or air transportation

Property All Risk Insurance

  • Provides protection for damage that occurs suddenly and unexpectedly due to various risks that cause it such as fires, lightning strikes, explosions, hit by aircraft, smoke (FLEXAS), hurricane angina, hurricanes, floods, landslides, earthquakes, strikes , riots, riots, other people's evil deeds and other risks.

Money Insurance

  • Provides protection for loss or damage to money, other objects that are equated with money, and place of deposit of money due to crimes committed by third parties (not employees)

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

  • Provides protection for physical damage that occurs suddenly and unexpectedly to the machine in the operational process.

Heavy Equipment Insurance

  • Provides protection for heavy equipment damage in a particular project or location, when the heavy equipment is used (at work), is idle or is being demolished (overhauling).

Travel Insurance

  • Provides protection against unexpected events while traveling within the country and abroad.

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