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Trade Credit Insurance

Provide credit coverage for individuals / micro / small / retail entrepreneurs in an effort to obtain credit from Banks / LKBB / Non-Financial Institutions, which do not meet the Bank's technical requirements (non-Bankable) but are feasible to be financed.

User (Insured)

Banking namely: Government Bank, National Private Bank, BPR, BPD, Sharia Bank
Non-banking institutions: such as, multi-finance, pawnshops, cooperatives and PNM

Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance

Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance

Increase Sales

Assist the Insured and his Buyers in increasing sales

Provide Policy

Assisting the policy of granting the insured credit to the buyer

Reducing Doubtful Receivable Costs

Help the Insured to reduce costs in the form of doubtful accounts reserves;

Access to Trade Finance

Help the Insured to get access to trade finance

Features of Trade Credit Insurance Products

Fitur Produk


Types of Trade Credit that can be insured

  • Domestic regular
  • Domestic Contract Cover
  • Domestic Supply Chain

Time period

The period of coverage is in accordance with the trade credit contract


Indemnity Value

The value of compensation is equal to the amount of outstanding debt