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Trade Loan Insurance

Providing coverage for factories/distributors due to the buyer’s default of trade loans in accordance with the trade contract between factory/distributor and the buyer due to bankruptcy or default.

User (Insured)

Factories and Distributors

Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance


Increasing Sales

Helping the Insured and its buyers to increase sales

Providing Policies

Helping loan grant policies of the Insured to its buyers

Reducing Doubtful Charges

Helping the Insured to reduce cost in form of doubtful account reserve

Trade Funding Access

Helping the Insured to obtain access to trade funding

Product Features of Trade Credit Insurance

Product Feature


Insurable Trade Loan types:

  • Domestic regular

  • Domestic Contract Cover

  • Domestic Supply Chain


Coverage term

Coverage term is in accordance with the trade loan contract


Compensation Value

Compensation value amounts to the debt arrears

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Protection you can add to your business needs

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